Quick & Easy Cord Keeper Tutorial

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Cord Keeper examples

Say goodbye to tangled cords and your fabric scrap stash by making these quick and easy wraps!

Whenever I travel I get so frustrated when I can’t find my headset, my charger cords or when I find them and they are like a tangled puzzle.

I often put my cords in plastic bags which helps – but I’m also trying to cut down on my use of plastic bags when possible.

Cue the fabric cord keeper!

This simple solution is fast and much prettier than a cord in a plastic bag.  Ready to see just how easy it is to make?

Cord Keeper Supplies Needed



  • 2 Pieces of Fabric – 3″ x 4¾″ (cut longer than 4¾″ for larger or thicker cords)
  • Fusible Batting – 3″ x 4¾″ (I used Pellon 971F)
  • Snaps or Velcro: (I used Kam Snaps in the example because I thought the snaps looked cuter than a square sewn over velcro.)


Step 1: CUT two pieces of fabric and one piece of fusible batting to 3″ x 4¾″

FUSE batting to one piece of fabric.

Step 2: SEW around the edges of the fabric, right sides together, with a ¼″ seam, leaving an opening on one side to turn right side out. (figure 1)

Step 3: TRIM the corners and TURN right side out. Gently push the corners to be as squared as possible. (figure 2)


Cord Keeper tutorial - stitch with 1/4 inch seam
figure 1
Cord Keeper tutorial - turn fabric
figure 2

Step 4: TOPSTITCH all the way around the fabric about 1/8″ from the edge. (figure 3)

Step 5: ADD SNAPS per snap directions.  (figure 4) Be sure to test that when you look the cord keeper the snap goes together (and that the two flat parts don’t meet) before permanently attaching the second half of the snap. (Guess how I know to do that… whoops!)

Cord Keeper tutorial - topstitch
figure 3
Cord Keeper with snaps
figure 4
Quick & Easy Cord Keeper tutorial by Tara Reed

Just like that YOU ARE DONE.

They make quick and easy gifts for teachers, co-workers, family and friends.  Add a zipper bag to hold the cords and plugs and everyone will want to be on your gift-giving list!


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🧵 Tara Reed

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