I moved to Oregon (the first time) back in 1994. I immediately fell in love with the Made in Oregon stores.  So many fun and amazing products, all made in or by people who lived in Oregon. When I started my career as an artist, I dared to dream of one day having my work in the stores too…

21 years later that dream came true!

And writing that sentence made me feel old… but I'm going to let that unproductive float on through and focus on the accomplishment!

Coloring books at Made in OregonAll 10 stores now carry my Color Yourself Happy coloring book and journals so if you live in or find yourself in Oregon, pop on in and grab a few!  The coloring book isn't just another coloring book, it is part of Pivot To Happy – another passion of mine. At PivotToHappy.com where we share skills and techniques to help people PIVOT (from fear, sadness, anxiety, anger, you name it) TO HAPPY. The more you consciously practice, the faster you will recover from life’s setbacks. Coloring is one way to change your perspective and focus!

three arrowsEach page includes arrows to represent pivoting – one definition of “pivot” is “to whirl about on one foot”. Even if you can’t change your physical circumstances, you can always try to pivot your perspective. As a fun reminder, there are three arrows in each and every illustration – some are big and easy to spot and others are smaller and pretty well hidden!

Happy magnifying glassIn addition to the arrows, every picture has the word happy somewhere in it. Just like life, sometimes it is large and easy to spot and other times it is small and hidden. No matter the size, there is always a little happy to be found!

I hope this is the beginning of my relationship with Made in Oregon – I'm an Oregonian by choice and proud to be in their stores!

– Tara Reed

P.S. If you love to color, I have a monthly eMail where you can sign up and get a new design to print and color each month!  Head to PivotToHappy.com/free-coloring/ to sign up!

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