How to Make Beautiful Coffee Filter Flowers

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Tara Reed pointing to coffee filters


If you want to make party decorations with paper flowers you should consider coffee filter flowers. I love making flowers with coffee filters – they are inexpensive, quick and easy. If you need a lot of flowers and the size works (they can range between 5 1/2β€³ – 6 1/2β€³ wide) they are a great way to go.

You can add them to a Paper flower backdrop, make DIY paper flower garland, Paper flower centerpieces and more. Some ask why you’d ever use coffee filters instead of tissue paper so let’s look at some pros and cons of each, comparing making the same size flowers.

coffee filter vs tissue paper flowers


  • 200 white coffee filters from Target: $1.59
    4 filters / flower = $0.03 / flower
  • 100 natural coffee filters from Walmart: $1.48
    4 filters / flower = $0.06 / flower
  • Tissue paper from Party City (8 sheets – 20β€³ x 20β€³): $1.50
    (4) 8β€³ x 8β€³ pieces / sheet = 1 flower
    8 flowers / pack = $0.19 / flower

Coffee filters for the win in the COST category.

coloring coffee filters with food coloring


Tissue paper wins when it comes to color. You can buy tissue paper in a wide variety of colors – no dying them or waiting for them to dry. It is also next to impossible to achieve the bright, vibrant and consistent colors of tissue paper with coffee filters.

You can see how the same food coloring will give different results on a white coffee filter vs. a tan / natural filter. Experiment to see what you like!

You might now be wondering why anyone would use a coffee filter – other than the cost.


Tissue paper wins in the size versatility category. Coffee filter flowers are limited in size because of the size of the filters. Tissue paper can be used to make much larger flowers.

coloring coffee filters with food coloring


You don’t have as much trimming to size with coffee filters as you do with tissue paper. You can simply fold, fluff and go with a coffee filter flower or you can cut the tips to change the shape of the flower petals.


Coffee filters won’t tear as easily as tissue paper so they are a great option to use with kids.


Coffee filter flowers are also a great way to teach kids about mixing colors and absorption of water on dry paper. Dipping the filters in colors or dropping colors onto the filters and watching them mix and bleed can be as much fun as the finished flowers.


00:00 intro
00:43 supplies
01:51 different petal shape options
02:46 why I like twine better than staples
02:55 making a coffee filter flower
04:11 how to cut curved petals
06:11 how to cut pointy petals
06:34 attach with staples

06:41 Bitty Buddy trash bin from The Gypsy Quilter
06:56 How to mix colors for coffee filters
08:48 making orange
09:19 making purple coffee filters
10:01 coloring the coffee filters
11:14 folding flat coffee filters
11:56 painting the petal edges
12:53 flower variations


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