How to Etch Tumblers with CitriStrip

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How to Etch Tumblers with CitriStrip Stripping Gel


I have always loved the look of etched tumblers but never wanted to buy a sand blaster or other etching machine – where would I store them?? So when I learned about using CitriStrip stripping gel I HAD to give it a try. Now that I have, everyone will be getting tumblers for the holidays. 😍

Get the “Girls Trip” svg file that I use in this video for free

make a girls trip tumbler with CitriStrip

etching tumbler supplies


Want to see how it works before you give it a shot?  Watch the video below


00:53 – Supplies
02:24 – Prepping your Tumbler
03:06 – Prep and apply your vinyl stencil
04:50 – use a hair dryer to secure your stencil
05:20 – using aluminum foil to prevent tumbler from rolling around
05:45 – protect the rest of the tumbler with masking or painters tape

08:36 – how long to leave the CitriStrip on your tumbler
09:41 – removing the CitriStrip and powder coating to reveal the metal part of the tumbler (the fun part!)
12:48 – where to get the free GIRLS TRIP svg file

apply vinyl stencil to the tumbler
use hair dryer to seal any gaps
apply CitriStrip gel to the tumbler
remove powder coating after gel stripper has worked
set of six 20 oz tumblers on Amazon

I got the 20 oz black tumbler used in the example with my logo from Amazon. 

The set of 6 tumblers comes with 2 kinds of lids, 2 kinds of straws and a cleaning brush for each double wall travel tumbler.

The pink one in the video was from Walmart.


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🥤 Tara Reed


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8 responses to “How to Etch Tumblers with CitriStrip”

  1. Does this not rust after awhile or do you seal it with something

    1. That’s a great question and I’m not sure of the answer. I don’t believe the inside of these tumblers rust but I’m not sure if the part we are exposing is somehow different or affected by the CitriStrip. Unfortunately I don’t have a definitive answer for you.

  2. Silly question, for your stencil, you just created it on your design space then weeded it out? You just left the stencil?

    1. Yes – you weed out the part you want to etch and then use the vinyl or stencil material as the stencil on the tumbler

      1. Jaime Labbe Avatar
        Jaime Labbe

        I feel like there is a residue left over on the cup. Is there a good way to get this off?

        1. Hmmm… I haven’t had that happen. Washing with hot soapy water is my best suggestion. I hope you got it figured out! 🤞🏼

  3. Are these dishwasher safe? or is best to hand wash only?

    1. Check the tumbler to see if they are dishwasher safe – they vary by brand. The etching basically removes some of the powder coating and reveals the metal of the tumbler – so I would imagine that if the tumbler is dishwasher safe it still is. Personally I hand wash mine.

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