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Sewing a Cathedral Window Christmas Ornament with 6″ Circles – DIY Holiday Decor

If you are want to add some new homemade ornaments to your tree, something easy to make for friends and family or Christmas items to make and sell, Cathedral Window Ornaments are a great option. You can use fabric scraps and make these in about 15 minutes and faster if you make a bunch of them at once, assembly line style.

You will find a video tutorial that shows you how to make these Christmas ornaments every step of the way as well as written directions with photos. If you don’t have a circle ruler you can use a plate or other round item or download my free 6″ circle template.


Cathedral Window Ornament on tree



00:00 introduction
00:13 Supplies
01:09 Cutting fabric circles
02:16 Choose fabrics
03:03 Clip curves & turn

06:18 Fold fabric to make the ornament
07:20 Hand stitch to form center
08:40 Iron
09:14 Fold fabric to make Cathedral Windows


Cut (2) 6″ circles of fabric.(fig. 1)
Put right sides together, pin and sew with ¼” seam. Only leave a small area open for turning as you will need to press it under as a curve.

Clip curve all the way around EXCEPT where you left the opening for turning. I highly recommend pinking shears for speed and ease on your hand and wrist. (fig. 2)

Turn right side out.
Fold opening under and press.
Sew around circle, 1/8″ from the edge. (fig. 3)

cutting fabric into circles

figure 1

Cathedral Window Ornament on tree

figure 2

topstitch circle fabric

figure 3

Place your circle on your workspace with the fabric you want to show as the Cathedral Window facing up.
Fold in half and press.
Fold in half again and press.
Fold in half again to create a pie shape, and press. (fig. 4)

Open circle again and place on your workspace.
Fold in half, matching folds on opposite sides and sew edges together with needle and thread.
Then pull the 2 other sides up to gather the 4 quarter marks together and secure with your needle and thread. (fig. 5)

Push the center down towards the workspace to flatten the circle into a square with even sides and press all 4 edges. (fig. 6)

folding Cathedral Window Ornament

figure 4

sewing the center of a Cathedral Window Ornament

figure 5

pressing bottom of the Cathedral Window Ornament

figure 6

Fold the circle corners to the back to create the curved window section. (fig. 7) Repeat for all 4 corners. (fig. 8)

Sew or hot glue a ribbon on the back to hand the ornament and a bell or button or other embellishment in the center to cover the stitching. (fig. 9)

You can add the hangers so the ornament hangs as a square or as a diamond – or both!

Happy sewing and Merry Christmas!

folding fabric back for DIY Christmas Ornament

figure 7

diy Cathedral Window Ornament

figure 8

Cathedral Window Christmas Ornament

figure 9


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🎄 Tara Reed

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