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How to do the math to calculate quilt binding

Binding is the final step that adds the finishing touch to a quilt, giving it a polished and professional look. In this blog post I’ll show you how to calculate how much binding you need – and the yardage of fabric to buy – to make Straight-grain binding for a straight edged quilt or quilted project. (If you are working on something curved, this binding won’t work. That will be another post.)


Straight-grain binding, also known as single-fold binding, is a binding method where a single layer of fabric is folded in half and then attached to the edges of the quilt. It’s easy to make because you cut on the grain of the fabric – meaning you cut strips parallel to the selvage of your fabric. This type of binding offers a clean and straightforward finish, making it ideal for quilts that will be frequently used and washed.

If you are like me, or at least I used to be, you groan a little inside when you are ready to go for a project and then have to figure out just how many strips of fabric you need to cut to make enough binding.

In this blog post you can learn how to measure your project and calculate the length of binding you will need, how many strips of fabric you will need and how many yards (or portion of a yard) you will need to get the job done!

arrows showing how to measure a quilt to Calculate Binding needed
free directions for how to sewing supplies and instructions to Calculate Quilt Binding

The video walks you through all the steps that are on the Quilt Binding Yardage Worksheet in the free PDF. The PDF also includes handy charts with measurement conversions (fractions, decimals, inches and cm) for fractions of a yard as well as common fabric cut names, sizes and how many you can cut from a yard.

It’s good to understand the math but you can also have my free Quilt Binding Calculator do it for you!

00:00 Introduction
00:10 What is straight-grain binding
00:28 Measure your Quilt
00:42 Write down measurements
01:53 Determine Binding Length
02:46 Determine the number of fabric strips you need
03:42 Determine the yardage you need

Straight-grain binding is a versatile and dependable technique for giving your quilts a professional finish. With a little practice, you’ll master this binding method and take your quilting projects to the next level. Happy quilting!

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