How to Sew Burp Cloths from Diapers – Video Tutorial

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Golf Days Burp Cloth Set with Gift Tag

Sewing for Baby – The Quickest Way to make Burp Cloths from Diapers

If you’re looking for a unique and practical baby shower gift, consider sewing burp cloths from diapers!

Not only is this a cost-effective and eco-friendly option, but they also provides a large, absorbent surface for burping and cleaning up after feeding time.

sewing tutorial - How to Sew Burp Cloths from Diapers
sewing Burp Cloths from Cloth Diapers
Tara Reed holding burp cloths made with diapers and Golf Days Fabric

In this 🎥 video I’ll share my tips for making Burp Cloths with Baby Diapers quickly and easily. The tutorial include how to make a template and get the fabric the perfect length the first time (because those diapers aren’t a consistent size and shape!)

You can also get a FREE PRINTABLE of the “Something Fore Baby” gift tag shown in the photos and video featuring art from my Golf Days fabric line for Riley Blake Designs if you decide to go with a golf theme gift as well!

This will help to remove any sizing or residue that could affect absorbency or cause shrinkage later on.


00:00 introduction
01:57 Pre-Wash fabric and diapers
02:16 Cloth Diaper Size Issues
03:00 Making the Template

05:01 Iron Fabric to Size
06:49 Sewing
07:07 Finish and Fold

That’s it! Your handmade burp cloths are ready to use, gift to a new parent or sew and sell.

The cloth diaper material is highly absorbent and durable, so it can withstand multiple washes and uses. It’s sure to stand out and be a cherished item for both baby and parent.


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🧵 Tara Reed

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