Sneak Peek: Fall and Winter Barn Quilts Fabric

More Barn Quilts Fabric coming in June 2022 – Fall Barn Quilts and Winter Barn Quilts

I’m so excited to give you a sneak peek of the two new barn quilt lines coming from Riley Blake Designs. The everyday Barn Quilts Fabric came out in August 2021 and will now have seasonal companions.

Warm fall colors, leaves and fall inspired barn quilt blocks like the Maple Leaf Quilt Block, Bear Paw Quilt Block and  Basket Quilt Block create the fall feel for this collection.

The Winter Collection incorporates snowy scenes with blues, off whites and grays to allow the barns to pop on the fabric.  The Nordic Star Quilt Block, Compass Quilt Block and Martha Washington Quilt Block are a few on the barns in this collection.

While I’ve always been more of a suburbs girl I love seeing fields, farms, and of course barns while driving. As a child I never noticed the wooden quilt blocks that adorn many barns but now it’s like a grown up game of “I Spy” that I’ve got my husband playing too!


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6 responses to “Sneak Peek: Fall and Winter Barn Quilts Fabric”

  1. Oh I love barn quilts, painted and quilted. Our area has a barn quilt trail just outside the city limits. The fabrics and patterns coming are all beautiful. Looking forward.

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been looking into the barn quilt trail in my area as well – so many are really hard to see from the road but has been fun to search!

  2. Hi Tara,
    I am planning on using a Fall Barn Quilts FQB as my fabric for the 2023 RBD Block Challenge and was hoping you could suggest a suitable matching solid to use as a background? In the “parchment” colourway. Something with some texture would be perfect?!
    Thanks for your help! 🇦🇺

    1. Oh I’m honored and can’t wait to see! I reached out to someone at Riley Blake and here is what they suggested: “something in the Shabby or Texture basics or Linen in Natural”. I’ll let you know if the other person I asked has another idea.

  3. Cheryl Roberson Avatar
    Cheryl Roberson

    Is there going to be a spring and summer barn quilt?

    1. Hi Cheryl – YES! I just finished the art. We are calling it “Spring Barn Quilts” because “Spring and Summer Barn Quilts” is too long – suffice it to say I think this will round out the seasons. You will need to find your patience hat though – it’s set to release in January 2024 but will be worth the wait! Thanks for asking 🙂

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