Make your Bagel Bar Special with this Free Party Printable

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brunch buffet with bags and free printable bagel bar sign


As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That holds true for people and for food. A food’s first impression is either what a person sees, smells or both. With this free party printable you can bring the visual up to new levels with a Bagel Bar sign and labels.

The versatility and mouthwatering options make it a crowd-pleaser for breakfast, brunch, or even a casual gathering. We’ve gathered the most common sign sizes, bagel flavors and toppings and created a PDF you can print, cut and use for your next event.

Even though we had a small family gathering for 6 I wanted to make it special. My nephew had just finished his sophomore year of college, was turning 21 and heading to Norway for the summer to learn Norwegian.

Since his time home before traveling was limited we settled on a brunch so he wouldn’t miss precious time with his friends. Adding the labels and organizing the food and drinks did not go unnoticed (yay!) and added fun to the morning.

Did you notice the salami rose I put on the plate with smoked salmon / lox? So easy! Learn how to make it on YouTube (and you don’t have to let on that it isn’t an intricate process – it can be our secret. 😉)

bag bar free printables - signs and food labels


Keep your bagel bar organized and easy to navigate by labeling the various options. Download our printable Bagel Bar labels, which include options for spreads, toppings, and other common foods you might offer. If you are serving something that isn’t included, use the back of a flag or tent and add your own label. A shopping list page is also included to get you organized!

The Bagel Bar Sign comes in 3 sizes ( 8″ x 10″, 5″ x 7″  and 4″ x 6″) so you can print whichever size will work best for you. I keep inexpensive, plastic display frames on hand that are easy to use for food bars like this.

For the flags, cut them out and fold in half. Tape a toothpick or appetizer length pick to the inside of the flag then use adhesive to stick the front of the flag to the back (so you hide the top of the pick).

Print, cut and fold the tents in half. Place the bagel flags and small tents near the corresponding items to ensure that everyone knows exactly what they’re getting and add a stylish flair to your presentation.


To get ready for a bagel bar, you’ll need a few essential supplies. First and foremost, stock up on a variety of fresh, flavorful bagels. I like to get 1.5 – 2 bagels per person to make sure you don’t run out – most people will eat one and some will eat 2. Choose classic flavors like plain, sesame, and everything, and don’t forget to include some specialty options like cinnamon raisin or multigrain.

Decide what you options you want to have for the bagels. Cream cheese or butter are standard bagel spreads and cream cheese comes in a variety of flavors. Lox, tomato slices and onion are also common. If you want to get even fancier, add some capers, and fresh herbs. The number of guests and your budget will help you decide what to serve and how many options to offer.


Create an inviting and organized display for your bagel bar. Use a spacious table or countertop to arrange all the components. Utilize platters, bowls, or tiered stands to showcase the different spreads, toppings, and condiments. Make sure to provide ample serving plates, utensils, knives, and napkins for easy access.

breakfast buffet with bagels
party drink station on a sidebar


In addition to the food, your guests will need to wash their bagels down. Coffee, Juice and water are perfect for a breakfast or brunch. If you are doing a bagel bar for a lunch or dinner (always a crowd pleaser for teen parties) you might also serve soda or other beverages.


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