At the Lake fabric collection – sneak peek!

When I think of lakes or fishing I think of a 1998 trip to visit my parents at Lake Tahoe when my son was 5 and my niece was 7.

My parents took us to a nearby stream for a fishing adventure!  My dad had the kids pick out their own sticks to make fishing rods.  He brought string and since he had no worms or bait, he decided that cheddar cheese would work just fine!  My dad spun a tall tale about the “Nibble Fish” that lived in the stream and how their favorite food was CHEESE! The kids loved it (even though the nibble fish evaded us that day…)

Some of the best memories are made of small moments, found sticks and legendary fish who eat cheese. I smiled often thinking about this moment in time while working on the At the Lake fabric collection.  I hope the fabrics bring fond memories to mind for you as well!

two kids fishing
family fishing
fishing photo

Watch the video to see a preview of the prints and some samples of projects I’ll be sharing when the fabric comes out.


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