The Magic of Creativity

Today I was listening to episode 12 of Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons Podcast. Listening to her and Brene Brown talk about the importance of creativity. How much being told your creativity doesn't matter or isn't good enough or… or… or… can hamper us.

Creativity is key for living a full life.

And it's not about being able to draw well, sing well, sculpt well… it's about DOING and enjoying. If you love it or are inspired to do it, DO IT.

Does that mean that if you are inspired there is a magical universal net that is going to catch you and make sure you make a living, can pay your bills, go on an amazing vacation, etc? No. Does it mean the net won't appear? No. It may or may not.

“I don't jump and leap for the landing, I jump for the experience in the air.” – Brene Brown

The price of letting what others think about your creativity is too high – no matter what. If it speaks to you, go for it in some way to some level. 

Have a listen – http://www.elizabethgilbert.com/magic-lessons/ (go to episode 12)

I've had this book on my “to get & to read” list for a while and after listening today, it's in the mail and on the way to me!

Here's to allowing yourself whatever creative freedom and exploration you want in your life!

– Tara Reed

P.S. If you don't have the book yet, click here to find it on Amazon. [aff link]

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