I was interviewed by a friend, fellow artist and now blogger extraordinaire, Kimberly Montgomery.

I shared my journey with her on a recent Coffee Talk post so if you want to hop on over and learn more about where I started, where I've been and where I'm heading, click here. (You can also see my hairstyles through the ages!)

While I wrote the answers to the interview questions, it was a little weird to go back and read it! I often fall into the trap of focusing more on the things I still want to do than stopping and acknowledging what I've accomplished. I'm working on that – and hope you will too if you are like me. I really appreciate the questions Kimberly asked because it did make me stop and reflect – something we all need to do more. 🙂

fifty jewels

Here's what Fifty Jewels is all about, in Kimberly's words:

I created this blog for women who love fun, crave the unique and are totally behind choosing joy.  If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

Life’s full of fun stuff, and that’s what I bring to you. Cool things, great places and clever ideas to help you add more delight to your day.  After all, life is about choices — let’s make good ones.

Hope you jump over and read the interview and leave a comment – here, there or both! 

– Tara Reed

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