Tara Reed is an artist by passion and not education - she has a degree in Marketing and over 12 years of experience creating art collections that she licenses to retailers and manufacturers. Her art connects with consumers in a way that makes them want to have the products for themselves, friends, family or gift-giving.

In 2004 she founded Tara Reed Designs Inc - her art licensing business based out of her 1923 Craftsman home in picturesque Portland, Oregon. She loves the challenge of learning about the business and needs of her clients and creating art that helps sell their products.

If you think you know what to expect from Tara Reed Designs - think again!

After losing her father to a long battle with Alzheimer's in 2016, Tara Reed decided she wanted to expand creatively and reinvent how she does business. 2017 marks the year of reinvention!

Tara is thrilled to have partnered with Roaring Brook Licensing to represent her in the art licensing industry. She can now focus solely on creating art and they can handle the marketing side of things. It will be a win for everyone - artist, agent, manufacturers, retailers and consumers!

SURTEX 2017 - Tara Reed with Linda & Gary from Roaring Brook Licensing

"My studio is one of my favorite places in the world. I love creating art that graces products that touch your heart."  – Tara Reed

Want a peek in my studio, my home and at the gorgeous state of Oregon? Click here...

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snail mail address: Tara Reed Designs, Inc.
11575 SW Pacific Hwy, #143
Tigard, OR 97223